Face Reading



Price per person


online workshop

25 euro

What will you learn

  • understanding the Self-Confidence trait in yourself and others
  • how this can help you in your communication


Learning how to read faces will help you better understand and communicate with your friends, family and colleagues at work. The system used, was first researched by Judge Jones in the 1940’s.  He came in the end up with 68 traits with a 88% accuracy. This knowledge applies across all cultures. He shared his knowledge with an editor. They worked together at this system, all based on the facial structure. Many of the traits can even be seen at the time of birth. There is such an accuracy! You could immediately see how this approach could help people better understand themselves and the ones they meet. This is a great tool for better communication with and understanding of your friends, family, clients and colleagues. This information can also be useful to sales, communications, personal development and more.

Introduction workshop

In the one hour introduction Face Reading workshop you will learn how you can see the different types of Self-Confidence in the face. You will understand how you build up your Self-Confidence and you will recognize how the people around you do that too.

The knowledge of Face Reading will help to have more clear communication. You will understand that it is always working in comparison with whom you are connected to. 

After registration you will receive a document with photos of two animals which are connected to the Self-Confidence structure. This will make it easier to memorize this structure. You can register for this workshop by clicking the Register button in the Workshop dates section below.

What you need to bring to the workshop

  • Printed photo of yourself
  • Printed photo of someone else (eg. family member, friend, neighbor, colleague)
  • Pencil and a ruler to draw on the photos
  • Document you received with the workshop registration

Workshop dates

At the moment no Face Reading workshops have been organized. If you are interested in the Face Reading workshop, you can also request this workshop and we can find a suitable date together.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Janneke and she will be happy to help.

Heartfelt thanks 💖 for your insightful session! I really enjoyed the application of inferences from the structure of the Face.

Nature has marvellous secrets hidden...

The Catty overview, the Confident Broad Face 🐻 Bear along with Arched Designer Eye 👀 Brow were some of the things that stayed with me...

How amazing to utilize this knowledge in allocation of work and making your move with sensitivity in Relationships.

Your observations and conversational style was very impactful!

Ganga Sharma