Digital Painting



Max participants

Price per person


online workshop


75 euro

What will you learn

  • drawing or painting easy objects
  • mixing colours
  • preparing backgrounds
  • how to use the different tools in SketchBook


So you might already be familiar with traditional media, such as watercolor, oils, or acrylic – and now you’re wondering.. “what is digital painting?” Digital painting is a new medium that lets us create beautiful artwork, without the messiness of painting with inks or oils. It still requires many of the same skills and techniques as traditional painting (no, you can’t just create art at the click of a button… yet), but it’s also easier in many ways.

Instead of painting on paper or canvas, digital painitng allows you to paint directly onto a tablet or iPad, which has a number of amazing advantages:

  • It’s a lot less messy, and you can do it in even the smallest spaces
  • It’s a lot faster, as you don’t need to wait for paints to dry
  • It will allow you to work faster and more creatively
  • You will get no dirty fingers and
  • You can correct something in an easy way, if you want to make a change
  • You can use powerful digital tools like layers to unlock entirely new ways of working

The only things you need to get started with digital painting are a tablet and painting software of your choice.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure where to begin, I’ll walk you through it all step-by-step.

Digital Collage made in SketchBook


Workshop dates

At the moment no Digital Painting workshops have been organized. If you are interested in the Digital Painting workshop, you can also request this workshop and we can find a suitable date together.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Janneke and she will be happy to help.

I attended a Digital Painting workshop and I've already learned a lot. It was quite difficult in the beginning, but Janneke guided me through it well. We used the app SketchBook, which has a lot of possibilities. It was difficult to know the working of each button and which brushes you need. But she explained everything clearly. Luckily I managed to make some nice things. Sometimes I got stuck for a while and then she helped me and I could continue again. I like it a lot and that's why I attended a Digital Painting workshop again.

Lars Lagerweij, 12 years old