Cards 9-16 May


🦉 insight

Read what message there is for you, linked to the position you choose, for the coming week.

These cards help to “wake up” your subconscious.
Tarot and Oracle cards can work as a mirror for you.
They help to clarify inner processes and they are able to show your “self-wisdom”.

  1. The Sun is a wonderful sign of great improvements to your situation in life now. It is a good sign of new adventures with spiritual growth on your path.
  2. If you are looking to rise in your career, this week will be a wonderful week. It means you are slowly climbing to the success you desire. You’re on the right track. Try to smile through any obstacles you ‘meet’ this week.
  3. This week a current relationship has the opportunity to overcome some -minor- obstacles. Listening to each other with an open heart is the key to stay in step on the way ahead.

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Have a nice week!🌺