Cards 21-28 November



Read what message there is for you, linked to the position you choose, for the coming week.
These cards help to “wake up” your subconscious.
Tarot or Oracle cards can work as a mirror for you.
They help to clarify inner processes and they are able to show your “self-wisdom”.
Your messages for this week:

  1. The message of the first card: Continue forward in your efforts with discipline. New journeys are in front of you. Stretch your freedom and power.
  2. The message of the second card: It is time to go your own way. Do what you feel that you need to do. Do not ignore what is essential for you.
  3. The message of the third card: This week is a time of creativity and success. Pursue your ideas. Explore and express your creativity. Maybe you will even receive rewards for what you have done.

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Have a nice week!🌺