Cards 20-27 June



Read what message there is for you, linked to the position you choose, for the coming week.
These cards help to “wake up” your subconscious.
Tarot or Oracle cards can work as a mirror for you.
They help to clarify inner processes they are able to show your “self-wisdom”.
Your messages for this week:

  1. This week the olive-green feathers are telling you to recognize your intuitive feelings in your relationships. Be aware of your surroundings, see and feel what they are telling you. Trust these feelings, they are ok.
  2. These beautiful purple feathers are telling you to trust what your eyes cannot see. It’s the color of the sixth chakra (the third eye chakra). Allow your heart to feel what’s going on internally.
  3. The amazing yellow-orange feathers tell you to look more deeply at what is in front of you. Take a good look before making (new) choices. Maybe a new adventure is to be found, just around the corner….

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Have a nice week!🌺