Dieke Polstra

I went to Janneke de Lange for an evening about multi-generational healing. The first assignment was to write down my family tree. I had to write down the big events in the lives of my brothers/ sisters, parents and grandparents. Janneke looked at our family trees, and picked one event that had had the most impact. In my family tree it was the sudden death of my grandmother, in a traffic crash.
With this event in mind, I had to pick dolls. These wooden dolls all have their own color. I had to pick dolls for myself, my parents and my grandmother. Janneke looked at the way I put them together and asked questions. I changed the dolls setup several times, until it was right. My grandmother gave me a message and it really moved me. That surprised me, because we never met.
Janneke told me, it could be possible my mums behaviour would change. And it did. She went to a funeral of my uncle, and a few days later she told me all about the past and about pictures she’d seen at this funeral. Quite surprising to notice this multi-generational healing works out as Janneke told me.
Her help is really helping me taking steps forward.