Max participants

Price per person


online workshop


75 euro

What will you learn

  • a model for change using NLP
  • the working of beliefs and belief systems
  • working with submodalities
  • making metaphors and using them


Neuro Linguistic Programming is a methodology for training, coaching and communicative improvement. NLP is a communication tool that an expert can model so that the skills can be taught, used and learned. In this way success is transmissible. The NLP methodology is still in development. New success formulas are implemented in numerous fields: in training, coaching, counseling, advising, sales, management, sports, education etcetera.


We explore the world around us and filter the information through our senses, which is a neurological process. We then store the information that has passed the filtering in images, sounds, sensations, smells and tastes. By doing so we all create our own unique map of the world.


The moment we convert our experiences – that are formed and stored by this map of the world – into language, these experiences ‘make sense’. NLP helps us to understand how we influence our thinking, our feelings and our behavior by the use of language.


Our internal processes are structured in such a way that you can distinguish a certain order. The trick is to use the best strategies every time we want to realize a goal. It helps expanding our flexibility and the way of making choices. Very effective in communication.
Here’s just a fraction of what is able to do with NLP: 

  • Take control of your own emotions at any moment
  • Reprogram any troubling beliefs or thoughts so no one need be victim to their own thinking again
  • Being able to read people’s body language and feelings and so you can have deep rapport and bonding
  • Elevate your communication skills to a high level of understanding in order to always get across your message powerfully
  • Use stories and metaphors to bypass the conscious mind and make changes at the sub conscious level with ease
  • Create empowering and exciting goals and have specific steps and plans for achieving them
  • Rewire beliefs that stop you from achieving your goals using submodalities
  • Reconstruct old painful memories in the brain so they no longer cause trouble in the present
  • Be a magician with language patterns

Workshop dates

At the moment no NLP workshops have been organized. If you are interested in the NLP workshop, you can also request this workshop and we can find a suitable date together.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Janneke and she will be happy to help.